Despite the risks caused by a Will being lost, damaged or destroyed when it is needed, some people choose to make their own arrangements to keep their Will.

Most people claim to make a Will during their lifetime, however only 30% of estates are administered by a legally valid Will. Somewhere in between, a lot of Wills that are written go missing or are not found.

The Certainty National Will Register is a record of Wills written and, more importantly, where they are being kept.

The Certainty National Will Register is chosen, endorsed and used by the public, legal profession, law firms, PI insurers, Government agencies, charities, the public and other associated sectors and organisations to Register Wills and Search for Wills.

Certainty is the longest-established and by far the largest register in the UK. Thousands of Will writing professionals and the public use Certainty to register Wills and search for Wills prior to distributing the estate. As well as storing your Will safely, registering your Will is an essential part of the Will making process and you should ensure you do so with a long-standing register with impeccable credentials.

If you choose to store your Will with National Will Safe, then its location will be automatically logged on the Certainty National Will Register.

If have not stored your Will with National Will safe, then we recommend that you register where it is being kept on the Certainty National Will Register here