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In 2015 another one of our safe guardians moved their entire client bank to National Will Safe in order to focus on the further growth of their already busy will writing business. They sent over documents for around 1000 clients, and this is what they had to say about the experience;

work life balance

“I have been running a very busy will writing business for the last 3 years and during this time managed to accumulate a large number of wills in storage. On the face of it this was great as the revenue built up handsomely increasing with every will that went into the Fire King (fireproof cabinet). However keeping track of who had paid, who hadn’t paid which client had an LPA with the will, people with different surnames even when they were married with mirror wills, staff coming and going, caused more and more work for me. It almost became a full time job looking after it. Not to mention that having moved offices three times, keeping in touch with my storage clients was more than a challenge. 

So when I met National Will Safe and considered their offering, after some thought, I made the decision to move my storage to them. I had about 1000 wills, with only 350 standing orders; I had 250 wills in storage for people who weren’t paying. 

National Will safe came to my office, picked them all up, wrote to all of my clients and now I know who is paying, when I will receive my income, all of my clients know where their wills are, I have a working data base of clients making it easy for me to market to them and all I had to do is hand over the wills. 

I am so impressed and so grateful for their help. I can now focus on building the business without the cost of employing someone to manage the storage part of the business. Even better, as the clients received their letters informing them of the move to National Will Safe, I have picked up numerous referrals to write more wills and LPA’s, discussed clients will provisions and upgraded them to include better provisions (all inbound contacts).
I could not be more impressed with the help and support they have given me, and the smooth trouble free transition to National Will Safe.”

If you are storing your clients documents yourself, contact us to find out how we can help you to regain your work / life balance and create revenue while not having to do the hard admin.

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