Succession Planning – Willwriter B:

Willwriter B is now in a care home and suffers from dementia. He had almost 1000 original documents in storage at his house and all clients were paying an annual fee for the service. Upon realising the severity of his illness, he sent all of the original documents back to his clients instructing them to cancel their standing orders. Approximately 20% of these came back to him marked “address gone away”, these 200 or so documents were boxed and ignored, most of which were still paying a standing order

Once Willwriter B had gone into care, his daughter came across the boxes of original client documents, and she now faces the responsibility of dealing with active clients who she can’t get in touch with due to the addresses being incorrect. She will have to maintain an indemnity insurance policy in case of any claim being made against Willwriter B’s estate.

If this situation sounds familiar or potentially could be, please get in contact as we would be able to assist you in ensuring that the best is done for your clients and your family.

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