£2000+ commission per month…. create yourself some financial peace of mind….

“I have been storing wills through National Will Safe since I started in the business in 2003. I always think incentives are great to win but in all honesty the main reason for storing wills and LPA’s at National Will Safe is that it is a valuable service for some of my clients. They know their wills are going to be safe and secure and able to be found and accessed at a very difficult time for the family. I know that the wills are safe and that my clients have that peace of mind and assurance that the family will be dealt with efficiently and compassionately following the death of a loved one.

Year on year the commission paid increases exponentially. It takes time but if you are in this for the long term, as most IPW members are, then it provides long term growth and security for your business. The monthly commission statement gets bigger (£2000+ this month) and helps take the pressure off hunting for new clients endlessly (although I still do that!).

National Will Safe are a valuable strategic partner. I deal with the front end business (writing the wills and the LPA’s) and then get them in storage and forget about them. No worries about insurance, the logistics of physically keeping them, administration etc. just the monthly pay check from National Will Safe! I know also that when I retire, then my business is more attractive as any purchaser doesn’t need to think about and arrange the collection of 400 filing cabinets! 

If you are not using National Will Safe then you are missing a trick.”

Chris Heiberg (Peace of Mind Wills ltd)

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