Always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with important documents….

One of our safe guardians sent us a message recently to tell us of how one of their clients had managed to avoid a potentially costly mistake;

“I was recently contacted by a client who has written Wills, LPAs & Lifetime Trusts with me. He was in a panic because he had been burgled and all the documents from his safe had been taken. He had spoken to his insurance company, and they were unsure as to whether he was covered for the £3000+ his documents had cost him – he was also concerned that he needed to sort this as a matter of urgency because he and his family were going on holiday in a week or so and he didn’t want to go without new Wills & LPAs in place. I checked my records and was delighted to be able to tell him that all the burglar had taken were the copy documents – the originals were stored with NWS and they kindly sent him scans of the documents they had in storage. He was so pleased that he had opted to pay for the storage for their original documents even though he had a safe at home! I seem to remember he did take a bit of persuasion to convince to use a storage company.”

It is always prudent to be safe.

safe File on white background (done in 3d)

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